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Ammodytes are found in Austria (Kärnten, Südsteiermark), Northern Italy, Western Hungary, Croatia (including some Adriatic islands), Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monte Negro, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece (including Paros, Antiparos, Strongylo, and Andros), Turkey, Russia, Republic of Georgia, and Azerbaijan.

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The Vipera ammodytes species is of particular clinical importance in Central Europe, according to WHO Guidelines for the Production, Control, and Regulation of Snake Antivenom Immunoglobulins. The toxin of Vipera ammodytes is used to make neutralizer immunoglobulins targeted at these countries.

Ammodytoxins A, B, C, Ammodytins I1, I2, Vipoxins A, B(PLA²s), Disintegrin VA6, Serine protease Inhibitors 1 and 3, svVEGF Vammin are extricated from the toxin of Vipera ammodytes

  • For Research purposes: the toxin of Vipera ammodytes is known to contain Presynaptic neurotoxins, and likely Procoagulants, Haemorrhagins. Purchase Vipera Ammodytes Venom Online
  • Bundling: lyophilized toxin sold in vacuum fixed glass vials of 500 mg and 1 g.

The Viperidae family of Scaled (Squamata) reptiles includes roughly 270 species worldwide, divided into two subfamilies: Crotalins (Crotalinae), which only live on the American mainland, and Viperins (Viperinae), which live in Europe, Asia, and Africa. They are equipped with “solenoglyph” teeth, which are hollow on the inside and retractible when in resting posture, allowing the toxin to pass through. Depending on the type of toxin used to kill and digest the prey, each species may elicit one of four different types of real responses: proteolytic, coagulant, hemolytic, or neurotoxic. buy Vipera Ammodytes Venom Online

The Horned Snake (Vipera ammodytes Linnaeus, 1758) has a highly neurotoxic action, resulting in the subject’s loss of motion. In contrast to the venom of other snakes, which are all quite harmless, its venom is lethal to humans. In reality, it is the most poisonous of the European species, but it is also the least powerful and extremely cautious, making it difficult to meet.

Close-up of the head, showing the common front-facing tiny horn, which is roughly 5 mm long. The viperids are highly developed snakes. The venomous teeth are empty: long collapsing needles to infuse with no waste and profound their tremendous toxin. They protect their eggs within the mother’s body. The name Vipera comes from the name given to these snakes by the Romans, which is derived from the word “viviparous,” which means “bringing forth live children,” emphasizing the fact that this reptile has eggs opening inside the uterine sac, with infants ready to move, similar to warm-blooded creatures. Purchase Vipera Ammodytes Venom Online

We can insist that the name ammodytes, which comes from the Greek words “munitions” field and “dyo” to enter, from which we can construe the activity of effectively infiltrating into the sand, is an odd choice, inadequately relating to the truth, being the harsh climate the selective one of this animal variety’s varieties. snake venom for sale


Vipera ammodytes can be found in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia (including islands), Bosnia Herzegovina, Central Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia, as well as Albania (including Ada island) and Greece (with islands of the Aegean and Ionian Seas). Up to Georgia and north-eastern Turkey in the east. Only in the northeastern regions of Italy is it available: Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto, and Friuli Venezia Giulia. It, like other venomous snakes, is extinct in Sardinia. 

The rest of Europe, that is, the western half, is devoid of it. The primary explanation for this periodic regional appropriation might be attributed to its “stenoecian” nature, which can be defined as a reduced biological resistance, in which little or minute variations in ecological variables influence its reality and may even justify its eradication. snake venom for sale

Environment Habitat

The horned snake inclines toward the rough zones and screes, ready to absorb warmth, just as the dry beaches of streams, the dividers of heaped up stones, and the sinkholes do, always looking for the sunniest regions. As a result, the species is completely absent from the water, as well as due to its ungainly structure, which prevents smooth development in such a climate.

It’s anything but ready to climb the trees, yet just to arrive at some low hedge, for a similar explanation. We can easily recognize Helichrysum italicum (curry plant), Salvia officinalis (common sage), and Smilax aspera in its preferred herbaceous environment (rough bindweed). snake venom for sale


The existence of a front-facing horn (about 5 mm), of delicate consistency, and covered by small scopes, a distinguishing feature among these species, allows the Vipera ammodytes Linnaeus, 1758 to be easily identified. The size ranges from 60 to 90 cm, with one meter being the most common. The back is light and black, with whitish undertones. snake venom for sale

There are also small white specks and dark dots in the mid-region. An evident crisscrossing motif is present throughout its length, framed by capsules connected up to the tail. The head, which is large and obvious, is strengthened by faint imprints that are distinct, U- or V-shaped, and may review the outline of a gripper. snake venom for sale

Females are usually less detailed and have paler lines. A protruding eyebrow is a type of brow that juts out over the eye. On rare occasions, instances with orange, pink, or pale earthy chromatisms are discovered. Examples with an orange or yellowtail can be found in the subspecies. Contact us if you have questions. snake venom for sale

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